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AVP in Sydney

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a network of independent not-for-profit grass-roots volunteer groups offering experiential workshops on creative conflict transformation in prisons, schools, and the wider community. The Help Increase the Peace (HIP) Program is an adaptation of AVP for schools.

These workshops empower individuals to liberate themselves and others from the burden of violence. The fundamental belief of AVP is that there is a power for peace and good in everyone, and that this power has the ability to transform violence. AVP builds on a spiritual basis of respecting and caring for self and others.

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Calendar of AVP Workshops
for AVP(Sydney)

Contact AVP(Sydney) to enquire about their workshops.
               AVP(Sydney)   -   2018 CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES

   Community Workshop Dates      Workshop Level    Venue       Notes

Sat 10 Feb  + Sat  1 Feb , 2018  Basic             Auburn
Sat 10 Mar  + Sat 17 Mar , 2018  Advanced          Auburn      
Sat  7 Apr  + Sat 14 Apr , 2018  T4F               Auburn
Sat  5 May  + Sat 12 May , 2018  Basic             Auburn
Sat 23 June + Sat 30 June, 2018  Advanced          Auburn      
Sat 21 July + Sat 28 July, 2018  Trauma Awareness  Auburn
Sat 11 Aug  + Sat 18 Aug , 2018  Basic             Auburn
Sat 15 Sept + Sat 22 Sept, 2018  Advanced          Auburn      
Sat 13 Oct  + Sat 20 Oct , 2018  T4F               Auburn
Sat 10 Nov  + Sat 17 Nov , 2018  Basic             Auburn

Note: Dates may be changed and additional workshops scheduled 
      in response to the demand for workshop places.  
      To confirm the dates of scheduled workshops, 
	  contact the Workshop Registrar at sydneyworkshops@avp.org.au 

Workshop Times:               
      Two Saturdays format:  8.30am to 6:30pm
          (Sydney)           Please arrive BY 8.15am for an 8.30am start. 

      It is important to the workshop process that you are able to attend 
      each and every session of the workshop.

      Workshops are held at the STARTTS training rooms 
      at 44 Auburn Rd, Auburn

      For workshop reservations, contact the Workshop Registrar 
                                 at sydneyworkshops@avp.org.au 
      For queries about AVP,     phone (02) 9449-8415

.                                                                              .
                                                   current as at March 2018
Last Updated 22/04/18
  • Contact the workshop contact person nominated in the calendar above or the workshop registrar listed below to confirm the dates and status of proposed workshops, and to make bookings.
  • Get more Workshop Details. (times, locations, fees, enquiries and bookings)
  • Find out more about the Basic and Advanced AVP Workshops.
  • Get a booklet describing AVP workshops and the underlying philosopy.

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AVP Workshop Contacts
for AVP(Sydney)

          AVP (Sydney),
          PO Box 161,
          Lane Cove  NSW  1595
Phone:    (02) 9449-8415
Email:    Workshop Enquiries/Bookings:
          General Enquiries:
Facebook: Sydney AVP

.                                       .
            current as at May 2016
Last Updated 5/05/16  
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